D. Christopher Harry (ׯ) B.A. M.A.
Translator and Interpreter


........Christopher Harry is a Chinese-English translator from Canada with eighteen years of experience in the field. He received a Double Honours B.A. degree in East Asian Studies and Political Science from York University in Toronto, Canada. After completing a year of undergraduate studies with distinction at the Department of Chinese Language and Literature at Peking University, he was awarded a full scholarship to attend graduate studies in Chinese language at Beijing Language University, where he received an M.A. in Chinese Linguistics and Translation in 2003.
........Christopher Harry has accumulated a wealth of experience and expertise in providing government institutions, organisations and private enterprises with written translation and oral interpretation services. In addition to translation and interpretation, he also worked as a corporate trainer, language textbook writer and language instructor in universities and private enterprises in both Canada and China.
........Aside from his academic background in Sinology and translation, he has also acquired greater insights and a deeper understanding of Chinese language, history and culture through fifteen years of living and working in China.
........The scope of his work is extensive, encompassing in-depth automotive industry related translation, legal documentation, economics, commerce, education, literature, manufacturing, science, medicine, and many other fields. For more details regarding his translation experience, please click on the following link: Experience. For actual samples of his work, click here: Translation Samples.


Huang Jin () B.A.
Proofreader & Chinese Editor

........Huang Jin is a native Chinese-speaker who holds a B.A. degree in English Language and Literature and has a great deal of experience in Chinese-English translation, proofreading and editing. Apart from living, working and studying in Canada for many years, she also holds a Diploma in Hotel Management and a Diploma in Interior Decorating from the Central Academy of Applied Arts (a branch campus of the renowned Tsinghua University in Beijing).
........Her areas of specialised knowledge include nutrition, interior design, architecture, hospitality services as well as Chinese medicine, language, culture and history.

Ensuring seamless native writing skills, comprehension and knowledge of translation materials from Chinese into English and from English into Chinese.