"Mr. Chris Harry has been working for BMW Brilliance Automotive Ltd for several years now. We have been extremely satisfied with this cooperation: he is very reliable and flexible for last minute changes. His translation work is excellent, being able to adapt to different audiences. Mr. Harry even accompanied some of our groups to Europe, where he proved not only to be a good translator but also helped out wherever and whenever necessary. He has a very pleasant personality and has integrated into our team very well. We can highly recommend his services. "

Nicole Tillack

BMW Group
Sales, After Sales and Management Training


"Chris Harry sets extremely high demands for himself in terms of written translation, carefully deliberating over each word and every sentence, tirelessly striving until finding the best possible translation. The professional attitude he bears towards his work merits admiration and respect. "

Huang Ping
PICC Property and Casualty Company Limited
Major Commercial Risks Department


"Chris is an exceptional interpreter and translator, he always puts energy and enthusiasm into his projects and is committed to achieving the highest standards. Chinese native-speakers often comment on how exceptional Chris accent and language skills are, and seek to use Chris on their own projects. "

Chris Johnson
JBA Training Design Ltd


"We are the Chinese representative office of a British broadcasting, television and film post-production equipment company. Owing to business development needs in China, we have consistently invited Chris Harry to undertake interpreting work for many of our important conferences and forums. In addition, we have also employed Mr. Harry to act as our principal translator for handling written translation of many internal product materials which are highly technical in nature.

Simply put, whether its written translation or on-the-spot interpreting (Chinese-English or English-Chinese), Mr. Harrys level of translation is very accurate and skilled. In a word - excellent."

Phil Roebuck
China Region General Manager
Quantel Ltd.

"Over the last several years Chris Harry has been providing us with exceptional translation and interpreting and services. Apart from his high level of competence and dedication to his work, the role he has played as a language consultant and the sound advice he has given in terms of cross-cultural communication has also proven to be extremely valuable to us."

Goran Kapicic
Chief Representative
Beijing Office
PLIVA (BARR) Pharmaceutical


"Chris Harrys approach to his work as an interpreter is highly professional. Thanks to his effort and skill, I was able to conduct highly successful meetings together with senior Chinese executives without any language barriers. The Chinese side was impressed with Mr. Harrys fluency, accuracy of interpretation, and standard Chinese pronunciation. "

Mayor John Rowswell
Municipality of Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, Canada


"Chris Harrys written translations place particular emphasis on respecting the content of the original, while adhering to the spirit and sense of the document. His meticulous use of wording is both apt and precise C a level of translation you can believe in. "

Jiang Xinwei
General Manager
Electronic Commerce Department
PICC Property and Casualty Company Limited


"We have worked with Chris on a number of projects in Beijing, Shanghai, Geneva, Munich, and Singapore. We have always been delighted with his ability not just to translate the words but also to deliver the emotion. Participants have always been amazed at the accuracy of his translation and of the quality of his written Chinese. We would use no other translator when working in Mandarin."

Paul Bates
JBA Training Design